Terms of use

– Adriana Cavtat does not collect personal data about our passengers beside that required for online bookings/transactions. In that case, we do not distribute or collect that data after the date of reservation

– If you do not use a purchased ticket on the same (or planned) day, it remains valid for three months in which you can use it on our trips or get a refund for the unused part of the purchased ticket

– Refunds are possible on the same place where you bought the tickets

– If travelling with a return ticket from Cavtat or Dubrovnik to Srebreno, Mlini, Plat or htl. Albatros, please find a local Adriana booking stand and inquiry about the return app. 10 minutes before the scheduled departure as it is not guaranteed that our boats visit each of the stops every time (they dock only in ports in which passengers are announced)

Adriana Cavtat reserves the right to make changes and adjustments of the excursions due to the weather conditions and other reasons, without prior notice.

Standard price & discount rates are:
– Infant (0-5 years) – free of charge
– Child (6-12 years) – 50% discount
– Adult (12+ years) – Full price

Minimal number of persons in a group eligible for further discounts are 12 and more

– Adriana Cavtat is not responsible for personal belongings of our passengers or their possible damage or loss

– Please behave nicely and accordingly during the whole time on our boats

– Adriana Cavtat refuses the right to refuse service to anyone

– If the line does not depart or you are not boarded on the boat, it is always made with a good reason, due to the bad weather, bad visibility or boat capacity and an alternative will be explained to you on the boat or on the local booking stand

– Boats in Adriana fleet are named: “Kupinova”, “Gospe od Karmena”, “Miro Rudar”, “Transfer Eta”, Transfer Gama”, “Transfer Ksi” and “Transfer Sigma”

– All Adriana boats are easily distinguishable by Adriana logo and/or Adriana flag

– Please keep your tickets until the end of the journey and have them ready (each time) before you board the boat

– Each boat has sufficient number of life jackets and other safety equipment on board

– Please keep in mind that our crews are only humans who are doing their best to get you safely to your destination in big heat and crowded ports

– It is strictly forbidden to jump in the sea from any of our boats, in the harbor or during travel

– Tip is not necessary but it is welcome

– Please help us keep our boats nice and clean

– Please do not go swimming before boarding and please come dry to the boat as otherwise you will not be allowed to board

– Please ask for the boat departures schedule while buying the tickets

– Please always be at least 5 minutes early for the departure and find your boat

– During boarding, please form an orderly line and enter the boat without pushing

– Please get ready to board and disembark as soon as you see the boat/your port, but with keeping the safety in mind

– The crew announces the name of the each port every time the boat docks, so please listen carefully if it is your stop

– Please exit and enter the boat only through the entrance/exits, never over the sides or railings

– Please ask the crew questions during the cruise, not during maneuvers or disembarkation

– The boat always returns from the same part of the harbor, unless it is stated otherwise by the crew during disembarkation

– In Dubrovnik, the boats stop in the Old city harbor

– Dubrovnik Old city harbor can be easily identified by big old stone walls which surrounds it

– In the Old city port, return is organized from the same pier (not always the same spot) in the harbor

– Lines between Cavtat and Dubrovnik are direct whenever possible, but it often stops in other ports during the voyage

– Each visitor to the island Lokrum needs to pay an entrance fee on the entrance to the island

– Adriana’s regular boat service does not operate between Lokrum and Dubrovnik – to get from Lokrum to Dubrovnik, please use the local ferry which departs every half an hour from the island. The entrance ticket for the island is valid for the ferry

– If after the Three island cruise or a visit to island Lokrum you want to stay in Dubrovnik and return with a later line, last possible line to do so is at 20:00 from Dubrovnik

– Please always be at least 15 minutes early for the departure

– Toilets are to be used during the cruise and not in the ports

– It is strictly forbidden to jump from the boat, especially during the cruise

– It is also forbidden to sit with your legs hanging through the railings

– Please wait that the boat has stopped, is securely tied down and the crew has given the signal to disembark before you start leaving the boat

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