Three Islands Cruise

Regular Boat Service

Avoid traffic and join us in a beautiful cruise

Dubrovnik Panorama

Experience the views of Dubrovnik

Weddings & Events

Many happy couples have said “I do” on decks of our ships and many more have used them for unforgettable panorama on the most important day in their lives.


Experience the Dubrovnik Summer Festival fireworks

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Client Satisfaction
We are able to adapt to every wishes of our clients
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Travellers Served
With the history of our company, we have served well over 800 happy customers
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Years of Service
Adriana Cavtat is our family run business with 30 years of experience in organizing trips and excursions in and around Dubrovnik.

Adriana Cavtat reserves the right to make changes and adjustments of the excursions due to the weather conditions and other reasons, without prior notice

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