Our fleet

Our active fleet contains ten vessels of various sizes, capacities and purposes. With this variety, we are suitable for the most of the tasks and requests regarding boat shipping in the wider Dubrovnik area. Our largest ships are wooden sailing ships Gospe od Karmena and Kupinova with capacity of 120 passengers. They both have two spacious decks and are suited for whole day excursions – as a part of our program or in private rent.

We have five large speedboats with capacities from 39 to 44 passengers. They are suitable for faster transfers of groups, excursions or private rentals.

For special needs, we also have two small speedboats for smaller groups, exclusive excursions or fast transfers. Our “Sea Beast” and “Glassboat” are perfect for smaller groups which need transfers on more remote destinations, where the speed and privacy is desired.

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