Gospe od Karmena

Gospe od Karmena


Common characteristics of all boats and ships in the Croatian Adriatic Sea from the period of “full sails” are the basic construction values like those in all ships of the Mediterranean Sea: the length is three times longer than the width, the hull is (in cross-section view) semi-circular and without any sudden transitions. Gospe od Karmena is an excellent example of this type. She was built in this way in the beginning of the 20th century and has been rebuilt and updated on couple of occasions during the years. Today it is a superb touristic cruise ship.

With her two masts, Gospe is highly attractive sailboat with the length of 19 meters, the width of five and a half meters and the capacity of 126 persons. Beside one-day excursions and all sorts of events, we offer you the possibility of renting with preparation of cooked food and serving drinks on board. The sailboat has the complete catering equipment and a beverage bar.


During the cruise with Gospe, passengers can enjoy in the view from two spacious decks. She is equipped with kitchen, grill, bar, on board toilet and upper sundeck. Gospe od Karmena is located in the port of Gruž from where she sets sail towards Elaphite islands as a part of everyday cruise with includes lunch and drinks. We organize this excursion mostly during the touristic season. The boat is also available putting in rent for private needs – private groups, transfers, panorama cruises, weddings or special excursions through entire Dubrovnik area.

CAPACITY: 120 passengers
LENGTH: 19 m
WIDTH: 5,5 m
ADDITIONAL: Restaurant & bar, Toilets
Suitable for daily trips and various events

Gospe od Karmena





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