MB Magdalena

MB Magdalena


Magdalena is a comfortable traditionally built converted into a small touristic cruiser for one-day trips for small groups and rentals. It varies from the speedboats which became very popular in the waters around Dubrovnik as being slower but stabile and spacious. Thanks to its spacious interior it enables pleasant cruising and slower speeds. Its shallow draught makes it possible for Magdalena to enter even the more remote little bays or hidden caves. On this boat you can really feel the pleasure of a slow and relaxed vacation on the waves of the sea – the kind of vacation locals take to escape from the rush and the noise of the city.

Magdalena is berthed in the old port of Dubrovnik and the majority of rentals start from here. However, it is possible to depart on a rental from another port in the vicinity of Dubrovnik (Mlini, Srebreno, Cavtat etc.). Depending on your wishes, we offer half or full-day rent for the boat.

In charge of Magdalena is a very experienced skipper who loves the sea and spends most of his free time on the open sea. He knows every corner of Dubrovnik’s coast and can find the most interesting and beautiful places for relaxing or swimming.


So far, Magdalena’s rentals usually took her to various swimming points on islands around Dubrovnik. The spectacular Blue cave is located on the south side of Koločep which can be accessed only by smaller craft. Magdalena can also be rented for a nice cruise to the beach of Šunj located on the island Lopud – one of the most famous beaches on the Adriatic. On the other hand, south of Dubrovnik bay of Župa dubrovačka is located which is called „beach paradise“ thanks to it numerous and stunning sand beaches which are waiting to be discovered with this unique boat.

CAPACITY: 12 passengers
WIDTH: 2 m
ADDITIONAL: Excellent for rentals, swimming trips, panorama or island cruises

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