MB Miro Rudar is our second large speedboat with the capacity of 44 passengers. It is 13 meters long and 3 meters wide. High speed is guaranteed from two Perkins Sabre engines with 220 hp each. Dual propellers also give Miro Rudar superb maneuverability. It has top speed of about 20 nm.
Spacious and sunny deck make the ship suitable even for longer trips (even till the island Mljet if necessary). Miro Rudar usually stays in Cavtat and sails on the morning cruise or in the private rent.

MB Miro Rudar

  • Capacity: 44 passengers
  • Length: 13 m
  • Width: 3 m
  • Speed: 22 Nm
  • Additional: Suitable for panorama cruises, transfers and trips to Elafiti islands and to distant destinations
PHOTOGALLERY: MB Miro rudar – Old town, Transfers, Regular boat service
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