April 15, 2019

Welcome Aboard!

Adriana is a family-run business stationed in Cavtat, near Dubrovnik and organizes various boat trips and excursions in the wider Dubrovnik area. This is an official blog of the company and presents the news about changes and maintenance in the company.

Our business is distributed between Dubrovnik and Cavtat with departures from both harbors of Dubrovnik and Cavtat and also from Mlini, Srebreno and Plat. Our fleet consists of two large wooden ships and five large speedboats with capacities ranging from 39 to 44 passengers. Also, we have a number of smaller boats and speedboats operating from Cavtat and Dubrovnik. An exclusive part of our offer is a restaurant located on the private island Supetar, just in front of Cavtat.

Beside excursions, Adriana also offers boat rental or even a rental of the whole island Supetar. Group transfers and wedding panorama cruises are also our specialities.

As the activities of the company are oriented on the summer months and therefore seasonal, in the warm months of the year you can find here general information about trips and excursions and in the winter months you can browse new posts about updates from the yearly maintenance works around our boats.

In the end, it is the intention of Adriana staff that you find something interesting on this site whole year around!

Welcome aboard!

Adriana Cavtat reserves the right to make changes and adjustments of the excursions due to the weather conditions and other reasons, without prior notice

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