Yearly maintenance of Kupinova

April 15, 2019

Yearly maintenance of Kupinova

On the end of the Cavtat waterfront, yearly maintenance of wooden boat „Kupinova“ is underway. Old boat is being refurbished so it would be in top condition for the next summer. During the summer months, Kupinova is sailing on daily excursions from Cavtat and Dubrovnik old city port around the Elafiti islands. Maintenance works are being performed by the employees of the Adriana company.


Regular maintenance includes the replacement of the worn-out wood and the painting of the superstructure to protect the ship from the natural elements in the next period of work. In the holds, necessary adjustments to the ballast of the ship are being performed. To prevent any kind of leakage, previous ballast is being relocated and replaced if necessary. Adjustments on the superstructure are mostly cosmetic and will further increase the functionality of the vessel. It includes a fresh layer of paint on the deck, tables, railings and ceilings. Railings are also being replaced, if necessary.




Kupinova joined the fleet of Adriana in the year 2010 and has already performed adequately in the first summer season. She is 19 meters long and can accommodate over 120 passengers on its two spacious decks. Big kitchen in the back of the ship is equipped for preparations of lunch and drinks served to travelers on daily excursions. The usual route the ship takes is a daily excursion to Elafiti islands which starts from Cavtat at 10:00 and then makes a short stop in Dubrovnik (at 11:00). The cruise visits the three most beautiful islands in the Elafiti archipelago – Koločep (Kalamota), Šipan and Lopud. Excursion price includes breaks for swimming and exploring on each island and also lunch and drinks on board.

Aside from the daily excursions – Kupinova can also be rented. It already hosted several wedding parties and closed groups from all around the world. Adriana also has another wooden boat of similar characteristics in its fleet – Gospe od Karmena.

Adriana Cavtat reserves the right to make changes and adjustments of the excursions due to the weather conditions and other reasons, without prior notice

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